Badla (Sujoy Ghosh/India/2019)


Naina, a successful entrepreneur and married woman, gets caught in a web of accusations when her lover is found dead. She then hires a reputable lawyer to work with her on the case and find answers. (Google)

My Opinion:

Sujoy Ghosh seems to be one of Indias thriller experts. That’s already the second movie I, believe it or not, unintentionally saw of him in the period of a few days. The other one was „Kahaani“

Thinking back now, the shoe really fits. The layers of how the thriller works are pretty much the same. The actors are well chosen, it is always a delight to see Amitabh Bachchan since not many can challenge his presence. Then things never get boring and you wonder how it happened. Everything ends with some pretty heavy twists and turns and you’ve spent your time well if you like thrillers. The twists and turns, although a bit hard to foresee, stay believable and are not too over the top. The movie plants a few things, but overall it is probably not as intelligent as it thinks it is. Again, Iam not the fastest but I would argue that it is hard to foresee all of that. The audience is being tricked, but not in the most intelligent way. It is more like “ Haha noooo it is not like that, it is like this cause I say so“. Yeah something like that, but it all makes sense. So no need to be afraid that everything is totally unlogical for the sake of a twist.

Yeah, „Badla“ is a solid thriller for fans of thrillers. You probably won’t be totally disappointed watching this one. It doesn’t go very deep, it relys on its tricks. Which is ok for me, a thriller is a thriller and nobody says a thriller always has to be super deep or whatever. Just a thriller has a few things that can make it outstanding. Its level of suspense, its cleverness or maybe different layers. „Badla“ is outstanding in neither of those things. In the end its solid, no next level stuff BUT solid. Anyway, although the movie doesn’t go very deep in my opinion, there is probably a message that feminists will find to be a bit problematic.😉

Also to not forget that point, the movies is based on the Spanish movie „The Invisible Guest“ from 2016. I didn’t see that one, yet.


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