Love Is Love (Tommy Leung Ga-shu/Hong Kong/1990)


Defying family expectations, a pair of childhood sweethearts wed and move to the big city, where work life and temptations test their relationship.(Netflix)

My Opinion:

Wow, it is still pretty strange for me to see Stephen Chow in one of his normal movies. While this is still a romantic comedy, it is almost a serious movie for Stephen Chow standards. Nothing over the top happening here.

That being said, „Love Is Love“ is not the most special or original movie you’ll ever see but it isn’t bad at all. If you are in the mood for a HK RomCom it won’t hurt to give this one a look. Props also to Shing Fui-on for his role as the father in law.

As often the trailer is just too long. Give it a minute to get the idea, so you won’t know the best scenes already.


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