Nayattu (Martin Prakkat/India/2021)


Three police officers become pawns for unscrupulous lawmakers when they are framed in an incident amid political elections and must flee to evade arrest. (Netflix)

My Opinion:

Instead of „Kahaani“, which I watched recently, I would rather call this one „the best indian thriller ever made“. Iam not a big fan of such superlatives, but I wouldn’t mind people calling „Nayattu“ one of the best thrillers. It is surly amongst the best I have seen.

It just fits my personal taste a bit more than movies like „Kahaani“. It goes deeper in my eyes and doesn’t have to rely only or not at all on twists and turns. It has an authenticity that makes it gripping without you only waiting for the next twist. Then this movie delivers more than what meets the eye. The characters are authentic and relatable. Once again it is a movie that deals with cultural matters and the deeply implented corruption that is a part of living in India and that corruption comes from the highest places.

That doesn’t mean that there is no suspense. Just the suspense doesn’t come from twists and turns, like I already said a few times. The suspense is created by the fates of our characters since we care for them on a higher level. Well, I stop now. Iam not good at explaining this kind of stuff.

If you have a chance to watch it, you should do it.


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