Once A Gangster (Felix Chong/Hong Kong/2010)


A successful restaurateur finds his idyllic life turned upside down when he must temporarily replace a mob boss.(google)

My Opinion:

It’s pretty seldom, but it happens. „Once A Gangster“ is a HK comedy/satire that I didn’t really like and also wouldn’t recommend, especially for foreigners who are new to asian movies.

The film feels messy and unfocused at times, but that is not even something uncommon when it comes to the crazy world of HK comedys. The thing is, there is nothing really funny and that is probably the worst thing that can happen. I would say the movie lacks timing and punch, it just drags on and on without much energy. While fun is surly something very subjective, the movie just has these general problems for me. So yeah, maybe if you are a fan of one of the actors give it a try. If not, I find it hard to recommend and there is not much worth to see, despite a few scenes maybe.


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