Hosts (Richard Oakes,Adam Leader/UK/2020)


A family falls victim to unimaginable terror when they invite their sweet young neighbours over to celebrate Christmas Eve. ( Google)

My Opinion:

Well, Iam really open minded and actually the beginning was quite promising. Yeah really, if you are in for some hard hitting violence and terror the beginning is really promising.

Then after that the movie pretty much disappointed me. Look, Iam not someone who needs splatter or who expects too much from a movie. Whatever direction a movie wants to go – it’s fine with me as long as it is good and keeps my attention. On the positive side, the tension is pretty ok until the end. The problem is, you soon start to feel that this will not make any sense at all or won’t offer a satisfying solution or explanation.

Sure, I admit that Iam sometimes really not fast enough or really even too stupid to get things. Some things in the movie were familiar. There are probably some genius explanations all over the internet. The movie just didn’t give me enough to really care about it. I mean if we see it on a straight forward story level, there isn’t much to say. You could use the plot-summary and probably one additional sentence to explain the movie. Then, sure, the movie tries to make you feel like there is a higher meaning behind all of this. I didn’t find it, maybe you are more lucky.

Probably for fans of „Mandy“ or „Colour Out Of Space“, both with Nicolas Cage. Only to make it clear, „Mandy“ bored me to death and „Colour Out Of Space“ was pretty awesome. Still, in the end they probably have both more to offer than „Hosts“, which is a lot simpler in my eyes and like I said, anything else I wasn’t able to find.


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