Run (Aneesh Chaganty/USA/2020)


Chloe, a teenager, is forbidden from seeing the mail and is kept in isolation. She soon starts suspecting her mother of keeping dark secrets and decides to investigate.(google)

My Opinion:

The newest movie of Aneesh Chaganty, the director of the highly recommended „Searching“, is a really solid thriller.

Overall there probably isn’t much that we haven’t seen ,somwhere or somehow, before (except a few unique details) and the conclusion is rather simple. BUT same as in daily life, sometimes the journey is the goal and that really fits here. Iam sure a lot of people will foresee what happened but the strengths of the movie is really the tension that is on a pretty high level most the the time. On top of that we get some really good performances.

So yeah, if you find the story interesting enough and if you like thrillers, maybe give this one a try.


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